Hunting safari

Join experienced hunters on a guided tour, as the team that leades the animals towards the hunters. All participants are equipped with visible marks and GPS for security reasons, but it also gives you a good overview of how the other hunting team are doing.

You can expect a powerful nature and the thrill of hunting without carrying any weapons.

- No experiance needed

- Groups of 2-6 people

- Duration 5-6 hours

- Age limit 16 years

- NOK 5.000,- per person

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Experianced Hunter

In the mountains of Evanger we are allowed to hunt for hare, ptarmigan, deer and rain deer. The hunting season is from 17.september to 23.desember. If you and your hunting crew are staying at Granli Gard, you can buy hunting license trough us form 200 NOK per day.

- Small game: NOK 200,- Season from 17. september to 23. desember, most populer is the ptarmigan, but you can also find hare.

- Large game: NOK 500,- Season from 20.september to 23. desember, most seen is the deer, but the area houses two tripes of raindeers.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to bring your own dog.

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